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R'cade Mag Insider 4.30.2012

Posted by Rob Maerz on April 30, 2012 at 10:10 AM

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Readers Praise Retrocade Magazine

"I've got both issues of this wonderful publication, and they are both chalk-full of fun retro-gaming coverage. I think my personal favorite thing are all the old-school advertisements, logos, and screenshots used by Rob and his crew to make each page colorful, inviting, and readable."

"You'll spend a good half-hour just scanning the 182 pages of this sophomore issue, let alone reading the articles that interest you. It's a PDF document, so you can save it to multiple devices after purchase - I feel like a commercial. I promise you'll enjoy it!"

"Absolutely fantastic. I ordered both issues. I won't miss an issue from here on out. Superb. Great articles, great pics, high scores, just absolute retro gaming goodness. My compliments to Mr. Maerz and everyone else who worked on/contributed to this fantastic magazine. Bravo."

"I bought both mags as well... GREAT work on these and definitely worth every penny!"

"I just ordered the first issue, and must say it is very well done, Highly recommend it to everyone out there."

Arcade Heroes Plugs Retrocade Magazine

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R'cade Live!

The debut of R'cade Live! was a huge success as viewers tuned in to watch Christian Keilback's world record attempt on Berzerk (VCS) game 3 on Saturday, April 28. Christian fell victim to a glitch that reset the game in both attempts with his second game ending with a score of 761,070. Keilback stated after the run that he will try again for the world record soon so stay tuned!

Video of Keilback's performance:

Saturday, May 5
beginning at noon EDT is the NES Bro Off 2012! Watch four simultaneous streams of four top Mario Bros. players compete: Tom Votava, Mason Cramer, Glen Updike, and Phil Timmons.

Atari 2600 Tournament Underway!

One full weekend of competition is in the books for Retrocade Magazine's Atari 2600 Tournament presented by GameGavel Video Game Auctions. Four players have qualified for the tournament standings thus far. Top prize is $50 credit at and runner-up will receive a copy of Randy Pearson's book "Driving Crazy."

Here are the tournament's top scores as of the morning of April 30, 2012:

Battlezone: 248,000 Scott Stilphen

Berzerk: 761,070 Christian Keilback

Demon Attack: 109,710 Brandon LeCroy

Donkey Kong: 101,800 Rob Maerz

Frogger: 1,664 Rob Maerz

Gorf: 99,900 Scott Stilphen

Jr. Pac-Man: 43,930 Scott Stilphen

Midnight Magic: 639,190 A. Peter Mee

Pole Position: 58,910 Brandon LeCroy

Pooyan: 1,855 Rob Maerz

Solar Fox: 999,800 Scott Stilphen

Spider-Man: 11,240 Scott Stilphen

Wizard of Wor: 99,900 Scott Stilphen

Click here for tournament rules.

New Retroboards High Scores

Gas Hog (2600) 27,540 Scott Stilphen

Congo Bongo (ColecoVision) 27,090 Pat Belair

Popeye (ColecoVision) 150,020 Pat Belair

Xenophobe (NES) 999,990 Glen Updike

Check Out

Matt Daws' (who wrote for Retrocade Magazine issue 2) blog Cyn City. Matt is an excellent writer and his blog is an interesting read.

Atari 2600 Star Castle Kickstarter Is Fully Funded.

Click here to order your copy of D. Scott Williamson's upcoming Cinematronics translation for the VCS.


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