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R'cade Mag Insider 6.11.2012

Posted by Rob Maerz on June 11, 2012 at 3:00 PM

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Maerz Breaks Mouse Trap World Record on R'cade Live!

Rob Maerz set the new world record on ColecoVision's Mouse Trap (skill 1) shortly after midnight on Saturday, June 9 in an impromptu stream broadcast on R'cade Live! This was Maerz's third attempt at the world record, as his first two attempts last month were foiled by a power outage and then a software crash. 

In this record setting attempt, a graphics glitch occured nearing the 5 million mark that affected the playfield. Maerz played through the glitch and ended the game with a new world record score of 6,060,710.

You can watch the archived broadcast for a limited time here

100 Hour Q*bert World Record Attempt Cut Short by Glitch

All appeared to be going according to plan for gaming champ Ed Heemskerk. After months of planning, the Florida-based arcade gamer sat down on the morning of June 8 to begin his lofty attempt to play the arcade classic Q*bert for 100 hours on a single coin...

Read more from the article by Patrick Scott Patterson

Zimmerman Donkey Kong Junior (NES) World Record Attempt on R'cade Live!

Tune into R'cade Live! at 11 AM EDT on June 30, 2012 as multi world record holder Paul Zimmerman attempts to break the Donkey Kong Junior (NES) world record.

What's Happening On the R'cade Mag Forums?

Lots! Running all this month is Token Mania: earn 1000 tokens each time you place a score on the Retroboads that beats another player's top score! Whomever earns the most tokens during TOKEN MANIA receives a free digital edition of Retrocade Magazine issue #3!

And June's Game of the Month is Arch Rivals (NES): earn 2500 tokens for placing the top score on this title for the month!

Click here to go to the Retrocade Magazine forums - the FUN forums that pay you back! 

Upcoming Events

Too Many Games Expo 
June 15-17, 2012 

Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 
June 16-17, 2012

Cleveland's Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show 
June 23, 2012

Video Game Summit
July 14, 2012

New Retroboards High Scores

Barnstorming (2600) 32.89 Marc Cohen

BMX Air Master (2600) 957,515 A. Peter Mee

Buck Rogers (2600) 1,424,085 James Randall

Chopper Command (2600) 51,100 James Randall

Congo Bongo (2600) 36,760 James Randall

Demons to Diamonds (2600) 9,853 James Randall

Dig Dug (2600) 830,830 Marc Cohen

Donkey Kong (2600) 722,100 Virender Dayal

Enduro (2600) 2557.9 James Randall

Escape From the Mindmaster (2600) 615 James Randall

Front Line (2600) 116,800 James Randall

Grand Prix (2600) 29.66 A. Peter Mee

Gyruss (2600) 390,700 Virender Dayal

Jawbreaker (2600) 41,860 James Randall

Jr. Pac-Man (2600) 59,180 Virender Dayal

Kung Fu Master (2600) 303,420 James Randall

Laser Gates (2600) 83,266 James Randall

Mouse Trap (2600) 9,999 Marc Cohen

Popeye (2600) 221,500 Marc Cohen

Pressure Cooker (2600) 354,345 James Randall

Q*bert (2600) 107,925 Marc Cohen

Q*bert's Qubes (2600) 33,130 James Randall

Raft Rider (2600) 99,100 James Randall

Reactor (2600) 508,962 Marc Cohen

Shark Attack (2600) 242 James Randall

Skiing (2600) 32.77 Marc Cohen

Sky Diver (2600) 99 Marc Cohen

Sky Skipper (2600) 22,090 James Randall

Spacechase (2600) 23,200 James Randall

Star Wars: Death Star Battle (2600) 56,158 Marc Cohen

Sub-Scan (2600) 14,200 James Randall

Taz (2600) 101,500 James Randall

Turmoil (2600) 90,300 James Randall

Venture (2600) 22,500 Marc Cohen

Wizard of Wor (2600) 283,800 Scott Stilphen

Xenophobe (2600) 572,710 James Randall


Kangaroo (5200) 42,100 John A Pompa

Keystone Kapers (5200) 75,300 Virender Dayal

Montezuma's Revenge (5200) 999,500 Virender Dayal

Blockade Runner (ColecoVision) 53,810 Ed Kelly

Donkey Kong (ColecoVision) 99,900 Ed Kelly

Frogger II: Threeedeep! (ColecoVision) 70,118 Ed Kelly

Miner 2049er (ColecoVision) 11,275 Ed Kelly

Mouse Trap (ColecoVision) 6,060,710 Rob Maerz

Mr. Do! (ColecoVision) 202,450 Ed Kelly

Pitfall! (ColecoVision) 48,911 Brian Schumacher

River Raid (ColecoVision) 53,540 Brian Schumacher

Star Wars (ColecoVision) 16,772,108 Brian Schumacher

Threshold (ColecoVision) 277,700 Rob Maerz

Victory (ColecoVision) 993,300 Ed Kelly

Jumpman Junior (C64) 5,275 Rob Maerz

Omega Race (C64) 264,750 Rob Maerz

Blockade Runner (INTV) 81,370 Ed Kelly

Sewer Sam (INTV) 7,425 Ed Kelly

Blockbuster (Microvision) 162 James Randall

Pinball (Microvision) 78 James Randall

Arch Rivals (NES) 82 (113) Brandon LeCroy

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (NES) 12 (12) Brandon LeCroy

Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball (NES) 7 (7) Brandon LeCroy

Legendary Wings (NES) 11,455,200 Glen Updike

R.C. Pro-Am (NES) 177,009 Brandon LeCroy

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