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Review: Space Fury (ColecoVision)

Posted by Rob Maerz on February 1, 2014 at 12:05 AM

That Connecticut Leather Company was famous for releasing less than popular titles for the ColecoVision library and Space Fury could possibly qualify as one of them.


There are four skill levels to choose from in this translation of the Sega classic. Skill level 1 is the easiest, skill level 3 is considered the arcade equivalent and skill level 4 is the most difficult. Skill level 3 is what this review will be based on.


But first, I want you to free yourself from the Coleco controllers, plug in the Roller Controller and use that instead! The trackball allows you to rotate with precision and the placement of buttons 1 and 2 on the Roller Controller make thrusting and firing much easier.


The game opens with the obligatory trash talking alien. He looks like an alien but not the Space Fury creature. Fans of the old English translations of Japanese Godzilla movies should feel right at home as the alien simply moves his lips while the text of his smack scrolls across the screen. “Fanfare For the Common Man” plays in the background for some reason.


The spaceship you command is the common Asteroids triangular ship that appears in the center of the screen. Just like the arcade game, the alien ships fuse together to form the cruisers and your ship cannot be destroyed by the alien ships. Cruisers will then chase you down in a deadly collision or destroy you with their fireballs.


When the round is over, you choose one of the three docks for extra fire power and receive bonus points – just like the arcade game.


After you complete another round, you dock a second time and after another round you dock for a third and final time – just like the arcade game. The strategy for most players is to dock in the 9 o’clock position to obtain ultimate fire power for the remainder of the game.


There are compromises made translating a vector arcade game with raster graphics. For example, there are alien ships that resemble paper clips. The alien with the varicose veins found in the arcade game looks more like a one-eyed Creature From the Black Lagoon. Overall, the graphics won’t knock your socks off but they work in this translation.


Like the arcade game, the action is fast and furious. And as advertised on Coleco’s box for this game, it “Plays Like The Real Arcade Game.”


Grade: A



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