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Five Questions With CollectorVision Founder Jean-Francois Dupuis

Posted by Rob Maerz on December 2, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Five Questions With CollectorVision Founder Jean-Francois Dupuis

Originally published in Retrocade Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1

Why port Mario Bros. to the ColecoVision?

Dupuis: At first, Opcode was supposed to make it. But in 2008, Eduardo Mello announced that he was quitting the homebrew scene (which he didn’t do). So, I decided to make Mario Bros. because I did want to see this title on the ColecoVision since the 80s.

What were some of the challenges faced in developing and porting this title to the ColecoVision?

Dupuis: Flickering! That was the biggest challenge. We did our own flicker engine to manage all those sprites on the screen. At first we were supposed to use a 32K board but the game could simply not fit in 32K so we ended up using the MegaCart. A prototype of the 32K version exists. We took almost two full years to make Mario Bros. That is our biggest involvement in the homebrew scene.

How does the CollectorVision release stack up against other console ports of Mario Bros.?

Dupuis: We have all the intros which are missing in most if not all console ports. I also think that our version is much closer to the arcade version than any other ports.

I read that you have some type of cartridge that is being released that includes the Mario Bros. ROM?

Dupuis: Mario Bros is distributed free with the Atarimax SD Cart. But, we also have developed a multi-cart PCB which we'll soon use for some projects.

Will there be another production run of Mario Bros?

Dupuis: We'll have another batch soon and with a lower price. I'm just too much busy right now with new and upcoming releases. But, rest assured Mario Bros. will be back in stock soon.

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