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Xevious (2600) Prototype

Posted by Rob Maerz on September 1, 2015 at 12:55 AM

The articles I read recently discussing the Xevious 2600 prototype state that the prototype cartridge was acquired by an organization called the Digital Museum but no additional information on how they acquired it.

Nevertheless, somebody sent me the ROM called "Fix_v0.03" which you can download here. Go ahead and play it in an emulator like Stella or copy it to your Harmony cart and play it on a 2600.

Overall, in its present state, I think this is a pretty decent translation of Xevious for the 2600. The audio effects and music are spot on. Your spaceship called the "solvalou" looks more like an upside down "v" so I think that could be improved upon. One thing you'll notice is the yellow horizontal line which is to represent your crosshairs doesn't seem to keep up with the movement of your ship.

There's more detailed information on the prototype at here.

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